Melanie Balestra | NP, Esq.

At one time, Melanie was the only practicing clinical nurse practitioner practicing law before the U.S. Supreme Court.
She was the 2017 President of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) and has served in many capacities during
her successful careers as a nurse practitioner and an attorney. Melanie serves on the NSO Advisory Board. She is a sought after speaker
by nati onal universities, academic institutions, professional nursing associations, nurse practitioner organizations, healthcare
organizations, and community outreach events. 

Melanie’s law practice focuses on the legal and business aspects that affect physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners,
nurses, and other health care providers as well as representing them before their respective Boards. Melanie:
- Advises health care providers on the legal aspects of starting their own practice.
- Assisted over 250 physicians, physician assistants, nurses has assisted over 250 physicians, physician assistants, nurses and
   nurse practitioners in setting up a practice in various specialty areas including aesthetics throughout the United States and
   has presented workshops on this subject.
- Is counsel of record for the California Association of Nurse Practitioners.
- Advocate for healthcare and nurse practitioner.

Volunteer Positions
- President.  The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, 2017
- Board of Directors.  The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, 2011-2018  
- Editor of Disciplinary Section, The Journal of Nursing Law, The  American Association of Nurse Attorneys     
- Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, 2 weeks as PNP at Na’an Kuse Lifeline Clinic in the bush and 1-week in the Namibia wildlife sanctuary,
May 2010
- Past President, President, Vice-President of American College of Nurse Practitioners, 2003-2006
- Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for Mariners Church Children Camps, 2002-2008
- Conference Chairperson for California Association For Nurse Practitioners, 2002-2004
- President, Vice-President of California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, 1998-2002
- Legislative Chair of Orange County NAPNAP, 1997-present
- Kaiser Hospitals and Clinic, California, Lecturer, 1998-2002
J.D. Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane, WA
M.N., Pediatric Clinical Specialist, U.C.L.A. School of Nursing
B.S.N. Duke University, North Carolina


Registered Nurse, California
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, California

Bar Memberships
California State Bar
Orange County Bar
Arizona State Bar