Michelle Manu | JD

Officer | Compliance & Legal Affairs 

For over twenty years Michelle has operated successfully in  non-profit, law firms, in-house corporate, and the federal
government in the  U.S. Treasury. Her areas of expertise are investigations, real estate, employment, business,  
family, intellectual property, products liability, personal injury, healthcare, estate planning, unfair competition,
and insurance.

Michelle has earned a BSL and Juris Doctorate from the University of Honolulu, and business credentials from
Harvard Business School and George Washington University. She is a doctoral candidate for an MscD in Metaphysical
Science and a PhD in Philosophy in Human Behaviors.

Michelle has extensive experience in legal matters, both federal and state. From threatened to actual litigation; facilitating settlements and negotiations; inception of and response to a lawsuit filing; discovery process, retention of non-expert and expert witnesses, written discovery; pre-trial motions; and trial evidence, technology, witness handling, and evidence custodian. Michelle speakS frequently at local universities and colleges on litigation law and procedures, employment law, compliance, privacy, and the soft skills of communication.

Michelle has experience with privacy and security in healthcare and non-healthcare. She successfully operated as the Primary Privacy Officer and solely authored the Privacy Policy for a Fortune 500 healthcare company. She completed risk assessments of potential breaches, preparation to communicate with OCR/HHS for breaches effecting over 500 patients, and press releases concerning same. She was quoted in Church Mutual Insurance Company's newsletter:  https://www.churchmutual.com/index.cfm?pid=2256&pageTitle=Risk-Reporter&riskReporterID=59&page=Feature.

Michelle has nearly twenty years of contract management experience that includes creation and authorship, review, revision, negotiation, execution, renewal, cancellation, repudiation, dispute management, and termination. She has been highly successful in her contracts role due to her ability to streamline, high responsiveness, and communication and collaboration with all interested parties. Michelle has a proven ability to build strong working relationships while dealing with cross-departmental and external parties (legal counsel included). 

Michelle has experience in human capital matters. She is well-versed in legality, discrimination, wage and hour issues, and Title IV investigations. For a Fortune 100 insurance company, Michelle managed sixty-five staff members (21 direct reports), in four offices, in Nevada and Southern California. She was the decision-making, hiring manager in law firms and corporations from initial contact with the applicant, hiring, onboarding, development, team building, disciplinary, performance reviews, probationary, layoffs, and termination. Michelle has authored and conducted multiple staff training sessions for compliance and corporate operations.